The structure of the book
1. The Superiority of God’s revelation (1:1-4).
2. The superiority of Christ to the leaders of the Old Covenant (1:5-7:28).
3. The superiority of the rest in the New Creation (chs. 3 and 4).
4. The superiority of the Sacrifice and ministry of our High Priest (chs. 5-10).
5. The superiority of the New Covenant over the Old (chs. 8-10).
6. The superiority of the new and living way (chs 10 –12).
7. The superiority of the presence of Christ (13).
Though this is not fully comprehensive of Hebrews, it will at least give us some sense of direction and give us something upon which to base our discussion.

SYLLABUS FOR THIS COURSE (For those working for credit)
Student must thoroughly familiarize one’s self with the subjects discussed in Hebrews.
1. Do the assigned work.
2. Read an accepted text on the book.
3. Do a word study on some key words.
4. Observe the special connection to the O.T.
5. Write a 400 word essay on one of the following:
a. Relevance to today’s situation
b. The word spoken, heard and obeyed
c. Parallel passages in the N.T.
d. Finality, as a concept with the book
e. Define sin, as used in Hebrews
f. The warnings


It is our continuing purpose to contribute to the reading of the Scripture with understanding, with enjoyment, with a certainty as meaning, be of help to share it meaning and apply to our daily lives