Rose City College
Rose City College was incorporated in 1968 to serve students and churches wherever they are. It is a school without walls using the latest in learning concepts. It has related to TEE, Theological Education by Extension. Many times churches have been our campuses. It has combined traditional lectures, programmed learning, audio and video courses. It now has added some Distance Learning courses and presently has students in three different countries.

Rose City College seeks to take education to the students wherever they are.

The supervisory faculty of the Distance Learning program are:

Liandro Arellano, B.A., University of Wisconsin
William Britt, doctorate, Westminster Seminary (Philadelphia)
Derek Cortez, M.A., Trinity (Deerfield)
Dan Fick, M.A., Biola
Alvin Helms, M.A., Yale
John C. Kennington, doctorate, Western Seminary (Portland, Ore.)
Daniel Mickelson, M.A., Regent College (Vancouver, B.C.)
Dennis Sawyer, M.A., San Francisco State
George Thomas, M.A., Olivet Nazarene University